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Senin, 05 November 2012


Gado gado is one of the typical food Indonesia that very in liking the society and to get it not hard because this food detectable in various area. besides liked by society, gado gado also giving many the benefit very good for growth because we know gado gado materials is made of the vegetable containing many worthwhile fiber for digestion system and containing many vitamin C that functioning as antioxidant. It is such as elaborated that gado gado base materials is vegetable and not difficult to get it.

Here is elaborated by the benefactor materials and raw material gado gado. Raw Materials, consist of the vegetable type be like bean sprouts, cucumber, string bean, kol, potato, corm leaf, and kangkung. Benefactor Materials, consist of the bean, lontong, tempe, soybean cake, egg braise and crisply.

Besides the benefactor materials, gado gado also need some flavors. Be like aphorisms tell that "vegetable without flavor hence vegetable will felt insipid or not delicious". Hence for flavor gado gado is as follows: peanut, chili, salt, demurral, vinegar eats, or orangeade nipis, koempheria galanga, garlic (fried beforehand).

For measure to the number of raw materials, benefactor materials and the flavor to one portion cannot be measured by means of weighing-machine, become to know how to the number of used materials, used by estimate how many gado gado the ready for served without lessening its delicacy. Concerning price gado gado buyers not necessarily doubt because it price is cheap relative and reached. If one portion gadi gado is usually sold at the price of Rp 7000, - (seven thousand rupiah.

For distribution, we must go to place for sale gado gado, like lesehan house which is have place in market area. Because we know that market is place the meeting of buyer and seller. In place this surely many people wishing feel various foods to sprag the stomach because peckish. So that the people can stop by to booth lesehan to enjoy gado gado. Besides near by market is also open the canteen branch at elbow white colars. Because the seller also hope officers not necessarily go far to rest for lunch, enough just come in that canteen.